In a nutshell, Havenzen Trading Co. is a team who helps start up companies create their dream products.


A lot of people are hindered in customising their own products the way they really wanted it to be because of the lack of resources and manufacturers that they know, as well as they are also afraid to deal with overseas suppliers due to importation processes and other external factors. Aside from language barrier, there are also some hesitations to transact with foreign suppliers as they might end up having issues with mass production and shipments.


With the help of Havenzen Trading Co., we can help your ideas come to life as well as be there to assist you from product concept to mass production up to shipment right in your own warehouse or office.  You can focus on generating more product ideas and sales for your company, while we take care of the sampling, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, QC, and delivery.


Some products require minimal customisation and asks for bulk quantities to be able to meet certain target prices. We normally provide some supplier options and quotes, or find the best that can at least meet the required price and quality.
Ex. Plastic cups customised for a coffee shop, paper boxes, paper bags, and other packaging


So you’ve got your winning product. What’s next? Now, create a name for yourself. It’s time to “Brand” and let your baby grow to become a household name. It’s time to think of ways to advertise, package, position, and market your products.
  • Create a story around your brand
  • Stand out with your well-thought-out logo
  • Conceptualize simple products with a twist
  • Reach more audience for your new products
  • Basic digital marketing especially for start-ups

These are some of the services that we can offer.  We can sit over coffee and let us hear your thoughts.

  • Design consultation & product conceptualisation
  • Branding and digital marketing
  • Point of Sales Material & production
  • Cost analysis and retail market study
  • Mandarin Chinese language proficiency
  • Shipment arrangement and arrival assurance
  • Importation, sourcing, and purchasing partner
  • One-stop consultant for entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Continuous improvements on products manufactured
  • Actual visits in factories for production monitoring



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