Sending Britney (my pet dog) to the Philippines

I am writing this quick blog as a lot of people asked the process or things that I prepared to be able to bring my pet dog, Britney, to the Philippines from Guangdong province, China.

Below are a few things to do:

  1. Ensure that you have the vaccine records of your pet updated and talk to your vet about your plans of sending your pet overseas. 20170325_164058
  2. Ask the vet to conduct a serological test (CNY 2600 or roughly Ph 18200) which will take around 2 weeks to release and this will serve as the medical certificate of the pet. Also, we put a microchip which costs around Ph3500 (CNY 500). WechatIMG24serological test
  3.  Get a crate that is 1 size larger for your pet as it needs to let it move or at least roll around while traveling. The cost of the crate varies but mine is around 80 x 60 x 60cms, 3-5kg weight. You need to get this info as you’ll be needing this on your flight reservation.
  4. Before getting an export permit, be sure to call the China PAL (Philippine Airlines) reservation office (0900-1800h, Daily) at 400-100-2752 to check the dates you intend to fly so they can check the aircraft if it’s suitable for your pet. After the tentative date of reservation, you have to make a payment either online or through bank using a China debit card or ATM. An email instruction will be sent to you regarding the payment. Note that the date being reserved does not guarantee that your flight is confirmed, so you may have to call days before your flight, as well as one day before your flight to ensure that the aircraft has not changed.
  5. Prepare to bring your dog to the vet to let them process the Export permit. You have to leave your passport, medical cert, and the vaccine records to your vet. It takes around 3 days to release the said export permit and costs around CNY 1600. This expires after 14 days so be sure that your flight is confirmed or it will just go to waste, like what happened to me as the aircraft kept on changing last January 2017 due to the Chinese new year holidays. WechatIMG25
  6. Last document that you need to prepare is the Import permit from the Bureau of Animals from the Philippines. This one’s pretty easy and can be approved in just 1 or 2 day max through online application. Just go to  register an account and it will walk you through the processing of the permit. The import permit looks like this and you need to print it for the quarantine area in the customs. There is no actual quarantine but the docs should be complete and you have to pay around Ph405. It’s super easy once you’ve landed in the Philippines.

    You are all set for your flight when all these docs are in your hands. I rented a van from Shenzhen Nanshan district to Guangzhou for CNY 800. I can recommend the driver I met if you like (lols!) When I arrived the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, I just presented the export permit to the check-in counter, then it will weigh your dog and crate. Mine was just around 12kgs and I paid CNY 360 in the check-in counter. Then they assisted me to add the strap on the crate for CNY 20 and then send it to the oversize baggage. And off it goes to the baggage section with a specific place for pets and oxygen. There is no need for the dog to be put to sleep as it’s only less than 2-hour flight. When we arrived the Phils, I just saw Britney near the conveyor belt, set aside from the luggages already. We’ll that’s it and everything was a breeze with the customs. wechatimg26.jpeg Hope these info can  help you in your future flight with your pets.


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