On unboxing and branding

Why are unboxing experiences important? photo-1485376026565-375e3f216bbd

Packagings, labels, hang tags, fillers, and everything that completes the unboxing experience of our end consumers play a major role in brand recognition.

As they go around the malls, carrying their paper bags with pride, as it sways while they walk, customers feel a sense of satisfaction with their purchase. What comes next is their unboxing. Aside from providing high-quality items, adding a handwritten or  customized note to thank a shopper gives them a personal touch and makes them feel that the brand treats them like a VIP. When they arrive home or receive an item purchased online, they would want to feel as if it’s a gift from someone or it has value for money. They also want to feel the item’s authenticity with its additional hang drop, dust bag, or custom tissue paper. Choosing boxes, stickers, and small divisions to protect the items, or a custom note hoping for a repeat purchase, entails careful thinking on how you can leave the best impression and a branded unboxing experience to your client. Simple, elegant, classic. Giving your clients the element of surprise in each unboxing will definitely bring them back for more, or an automatic posting on their social media like Instagram and Facebook to name a few, which will spread a good reputation for your brand.

Want to know more on branding tools and marketing ideas to help your brand? Feel free to email us at sourceandship@yahoo.com.

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